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1,2,3 Blastoff

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Arkansas Curriculum Conference

1,2,3 Blastoff



Lesley Merritt, Science Specialist                                                                  Chris Lynch, Science Specialist

Center for Math & Science Education                                                           Northeast Arkansas Educational Co-op

WAAX 202; 1 Unviserity of Arkansas                                                            211 West Hickory

Fayetteville, AR 72701                                                                                  Walnut Ridge, AR 72476

(479) 575-3875                                                                                             (870)892-2000

lmerritt@uark.edu                                                                                        chris.r.lynch@arkansas.gov




 1,2,3 Blastoff 03.doc


Straw Rockets:

 Solar System Launch.pdf

 Rocket Wings.pdf

 Solar System Launch Bar Graph.xls

 Planet Names.doc


Alka Seltzer Rockets:

 Alka Seltzer Rocket 03.doc

Alka Seltzer Rocket Fins


Stomp Rockets:

 Paper Stomp Rocket.pdf

 Bottle Blast Off.pdf

 Air Rocket.doc


Eggbert on the Space Shuttle:

 Construction of Glider.doc

 05 Eggbert and Template_Jan08.doc

 EggbertData Sheet.doc



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